10 kilometre Running Program

Recently I collaborated with Philip Murphy of Quantum Life Fitness  to produce a 10 kilometre running program. I created the running program and investigated and documented both the nutritional and resistance training recommendations while Phil has been responsible for the associated content, as … [Read More...]

Endure Batavia Triathlon 2015

This was the third year in a row Raija and I have made the 4.5 hour drive north to the town of Geraldton for the Endure Batavia Olympic distance triathlon. This year there was $2500 up for grabs for the winner, with 2nd and 3rd collecting $1500 … [Read More...]

Rest Up and Relax

I woke up this morning as I usually do, feeling like a bus ran over me during the night. Typically though, the feeling of fatigue will dissipate over the course of an hour or so while I'm having breakfast and catching up with the morning news. Soon … [Read More...]

Winning an Ironman on 145mm Cranks

While this isn't really a Powercranks promo, I should give an insight into my love/hate relationship with this training tool. I first started using Powercranks about 11 years ago, and after about 12 months of exclusive use, I raced them to second … [Read More...]

Challenge Wanaka 2015

  This was my fourth appearance at Wanaka. My first attempt was in 2011, coming off victory at IM WA and I was lucky enough to finish second behind Jamie Whyte. I returned the following year a bit underdone, but scraped in for a … [Read More...]

Karri Valley Triathlon 2015

I had the pleasure of competing in the Karri Valley Triathlon for the first time last year, and was very happy to have the opportunity to compete again in 2015. The race is based at the Karri Valley Resort, nestled in amongst pristine forest, on … [Read More...]

Metaman Bintan 2013

After my 4th place at Ironman New Zealand, I was expecting to kick on with a solid outing at Ironman Cairns in June. Unfortunately, I woke with a sore throat and sinus congestion the day before the race, and, despite feeling surprisingly good in the … [Read More...]

From theory to practice – a case study

Typically I use gels on the bike for race day nutrition, and I planned to follow the same strategy for Ironman New Zealand – that is until I found out a single gel was going to cost me $5. That is NZ dollars of course, but when you take into account … [Read More...]