10 kilometre Running Program

Recently I collaborated with Philip Murphy of Quantum Life Fitness  to produce a 10 kilometre running program.

I created the running program and investigated and documented both the nutritional and resistance training recommendations while Phil has been responsible for the associated content, as well as doing all the grunt work to turn it into a marketable Ebook.

The program itself caters for 3 different levels of performance, depending on the individual’s running experience and genetic endowment. The beginner program is suitable for those covering 10 kilometres in 60 minutes or more, while the intermediate program is for a 45 – 60 minute finisher, and the advanced program is for the lucky ones bounding through 10 kilometres in 30 – 40 minutes.

The program caters for both flat and hilly racing terrain.

Aside from all the marketing hype, it is actually quite a decent overall package and I’m very confident it will prepare participants to run a relatively fast 10k.

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