Rest Up and Relax

I woke up this morning as I usually do, feeling like a bus ran over me during the night. Typically though, the feeling of fatigue will dissipate over the course of an hour or so while I’m having breakfast and catching up with the morning news. Soon after I’ll be ready to think about getting out the door to do some training.

Occasionally, I have days when the wake up fatigue fog will linger a bit longer, and today happened to be one of those days. Along with the fog, comes irritability, and the smallest things annoy me.

The very last thing I want to do is get out the door and exercise, and this then sets up a mental debate inside my head as to why, or why I shouldn’t, get on with the planned training for the day.

I then tend to reflect on the reasons why I am tired, what I am trying to achieve in the current block of training and what I would achieve by adding more fatigue to the system.

Today is Tuesday, and the weekend’s training was a long Saturday morning ride with FTP+ climbing efforts followed by a steady 45 minute run in the evening.

Sunday morning was an open water swim with 2 minute maximal efforts and in the evening I ran a “Sutto Special” set of 400’s on the track at Olympic distance pace.

I haven’t done much Olympic distance intensity training in the last 5 years, so this weekend took its toll. The Sunday evening run was particularly excruciating and I thought at the time I may have been overdoing it.

Of course, I soldiered on regardless to finish a pathetic mess, barely able to run the 2.5 kilometres home.

On Monday I struggled through a 4km swim, 60km steady ride and an 8km steady run.

This morning after procrastinating for hours, I put my bike on the trainer for a planned session of short high intensity efforts, but that is as far as I got.

I went food shopping instead, and that was hard enough.

All things considered, I thought rest was the best option, and I am happy with that decision.

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